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... we want and one which happens to us FADA is a voluntary non profit organisation committed to building a resilient sustainable community to meet the challenges of climate change peak oil and economic crisis Be the change you want to see FADA is made up of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds ages political and religious points of view from home keepers to engineers gardeners to community workers All learning and contributing to the collective goal of how to make our communities resilient Our primary focus is not campaigning against things but rather on positive empowering possibilities and opportunities Think global act local Resilience is the ability of a system to withstand external shocks we as a society have become heavily dependent on imports of cheap energy food manufactured items and on global market economies We have lost a lot of independent knowledge of how to fix things for ourselves We have moved away from working as a community Resilience is very closely determined by the ability of people to respond and work together The Transition Network Fada is a transition initiative and part of a national and international network of initiatives like our own exchanging ideas and best practice Transition Initiatives dedicate themselves to sharing their successes failures insights and connections at the various scales across the Transition network so as to more widely build up a collective body of experience Contribute your brilliance We need good listeners gardeners people who like to make and fix everything good parties discussions energy engineers inspiring art and music builders planners project managers community builders In short we need your input however small or large to work together to vision plan and act addressing the challenges and opportunities presented to us in this time of great change Bring your passion and...

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