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  • Activate Your Card | Card Services and Benefits | Ireland | MBNA - Official Site
    Services You need to register before you can activate your card online Register and Activate Already registered for Online Card Services Simply log in and follow the instructions to activate your card Log in and Activate Forgotten your log in details Related content Credit card security Online account security Guide to managing credit FAQs Why do I need to activate my card How long does it take to activate my
    http://www.mbna.ie/card-services-benefits/card-activation/index.php (2012-07-10)

  • Mobile Card Services | Card Services and Benefits | Ireland | MBNA - Official Site
    site Log in and you ll be able to View an account summary Make a payment View recent transactions Request a Balance or Money Transfer View your PIN A Smartphone and a mobile internet connection is all you need to manage your credit card account on the move Please note you ll need to register first if you re not already an Online Card Services customer Is my information secure Mobile Card Services provides the same high level of security as in Online Card Services your username and password are the same and you ll find the same security features when you log in Mobile Card Services has been designed to function with handsets that support secure HTML browsing only you ll see this represented by a padlock on your screen when you access the Mobile Card Services site We also recommend that you secure your mobile device with a PIN number to protect your information What do I need to get started A Smartphone and a mobile internet connection is all you need to start managing your credit card account on the move So why wait Experience the freedom that Mobile Card Services offers today Standard network charges may
    http://www.mbna.ie/card-services-benefits/mobile-card-services/index.php (2012-07-10)

  • Minimum monthly payments | Understanding Credit | Ireland | MBNA | Official Site
    automatically be calculated and collected You should check your May statement to understand how the change impacts you and make sure you will have sufficient funds to cover the new Direct Debit amount Back to top How can we support you We appreciate this may be a significant change for some customers and that is why we are giving as much support as we can to help you understand what these changes could mean to you We have developed an online calculator to help you understand the potential difference between your existing and new minimum payments This form requires you have JavaScript enabled This calculator is designed to provide an approximate illustration of the difference between MBNA s current and new minimum payment calculations and relies on the details entered from your statement as a starting point This calculator assumes that you only pay the minimum payment each month that your account is not in arrears or overlimit and that you are not on a reduced payment plan Please refer to your monthly statements for confirmation of the actual amounts due on your account and please remember that if your balance increases the amount you have to pay may also go up If default charges appear on your statement please include the amount of all default charges as requested above The calculator will then display your minimum payment to which you should add the amount of any arrears and overlimit as these are payable immediately and will form part of the amount requested in your monthly statement If you pay an annual fee on your account we will also add the amount of the fee to your account in the month it is payable For an approximate indication of how your minimum payment may be affected by this you should add the amount of the annual fee to the results displayed by the calculator Please refer to your Terms and Conditions which give details of any annual fee applicable to your account For further information please refer to Frequently Asked Questions Back to top Working with customers in financial difficulty If you find yourself in financial difficulties or if you are concerned that you will struggle to make your new monthly payment you may want to discuss it with us If you are experiencing financial difficulties we will work with you to minimise any impact of this change You can call us on 0818 409 511 to discuss your financial situation If you are experiencing financial difficulties we will need you to complete an income and expenditure form to demonstrate how much you can afford to pay Once you have done this we may be able to assist you by offering you a reduced payment plan or accepting what you are able to afford and reducing or freezing interest and charges If you have an existing payment plan with us you should continue to make your usual payments The minimum payment changes would only take effect once the plan has
    http://www.mbna.ie/understanding-credit/minimum-payments/index.php (2012-07-10)

  • Managing Credit | Understanding Credit | Ireland | MBNA | Official Site
    add in monthly interest charges It is often unwise to finance purchases longer than the lifespan of the products you re buying Financing a car over a longer period is understandable but it is sensible for everyday purchases to be financed over as short a period as possible Keep well below your credit limit Not only will you save money on monthly interest charges you ll also be keeping credit for when you need it most Back to top How do I know if my borrowing is getting out of hand Here are some warning signs If any apply to you it may be time to rethink your financial situation or seek independent help with your debts You re constantly paying bills late and only making the minimum payment each month You re surprised by how many purchases there are on your monthly statement You ve reached or exceeded the credit limit on one or more of your accounts You need to work overtime or take on a second job just to meet your monthly payments You re struggling to make repayments or having to juggle finances to meet credit payments Please note The contents of these pages are not intended to be taken as financial advice or recommendation made by MBNA You should seek independent financial advice if unsure about your financial needs Back to top Schedule of Fees and Charges Late fee 15 24 each time your minimum payment has not reached your account in cleared funds by the date that payment is due At least your minimum payment must be cleared onto your account before this date to remain in compliance with your MBNA Agreement Accounts with payments received after the due date shown on your statement are subject to late fees Over limit fee 12 70 if you are over your credit limit at the end of any statement period which is the period starting on the day after your last statement date and ending on your next statement date The statement period for your first statement starts on the date your account is opened Returned Payment fee 19 05 each time we return a cheque unpaid and each time a direct debit a cheque or other item for payment into your account is unpaid Cash Handling Fee 1 5 minimum 2 50 no maximum the charge that is applied to your account when you make a cash transaction A cash transaction is any transaction through which you receive cash or cash substitute by using your card or card number Examples would be when you withdraw cash from an ATM or bank when you purchase foreign currency or when you make gambling transactions Foreign Exchange Commission 2 65 of the value of each foreign exchange transaction If you make a transaction in a currency other than euro the amount will be changed into euro using an exchange rate based on the reference exchange rate which is the exchange rate set by Mastercard or Visa each of
    http://www.mbna.ie/understanding-credit/managing-credit/index.php (2012-07-10)

  • Personal Credit Cards | Apply Online | Ireland | MBNA - Official Site
    Measures to Benefit Credit Card Customers 3 rd February 2011 MBNA Bring in Payment Allocation Changes end of April 25 th January 2011 MBNA Bring in Payment Allocation Changes end of April 25 th January 2011 MBNA launches new website 9 th December 2010 MBNA boost online card services 8 th November 2010 Information on the Consumer Credit Directive CCD 23 rd August 2010 Online Laser Card Payments for MBNA Customers 9 th August 2010 Ryanair re launches MBNA Credit Card to offer more bonus flights more often 1 st May 2010 MBNA supports customers affected by volcanic ash disruption 1 st April 2010 Visit news room archive Note We maintain News Room stories on this site for archival purposes Our news stories are believed accurate as of the date they are issued however they may become outdated over time and should not be relied on as correct after their issue date Related Content Online Card Services Activate your card FAQs Can I service my account online Do I need to be an existing MBNA customer to use Online Card Services What happens if I cannot make my minimum payment More FAQs Site map Terms of use Privacy Accessibility 2012
    http://www.mbna.ie/about-us/news-room/index.php (2012-07-10)

  • RBS / NatWest / Ulster Bank - Customer Support | News room | Ireland | MBNA - Official Site
    issue and it has not yet been resolved by RBS NatWest Ulster Bank or ourselves please contact us Share this By using this social bookmarking function you are subscribing to each website s own privacy terms Related Content Online Card Services Activate your card FAQs Can I service my account online Do I need to be an existing MBNA customer to use Online Card Services What happens if I cannot
    http://www.mbna.ie/about-us/news-room/166-rbs-natwest-ulster-bank---customer-support/ (2012-07-10)

  • August 2010| News Room | Ireland | MBNA - Official Site | News room | Ireland | MBNA - Official Site
    their monthly MBNA credit card bill online through Online Card Services at www mbna ie anytime anywhere in a quick easy and secure way This is a payment solution that will meet our customers needs and provide them with greater control and choice Will Curley President MBNA Ireland said The ease and speed with which our customers will be able to pay their monthly credit card bill using Online Card Services is a real added convenience for them If customers are not already registered for Online Card Services it s quick and easy to do With their card and statement to hand customers can simply visit www mbna ie to register The new service supports the forthcoming introduction of a new and improved look to MBNA s Online Card Services set to launch 13 September How to use this service Log In Register for Online Card Services Click Make a payment tab Enter the amount you wish to pay Submit payment Share this By using this social bookmarking function you are subscribing to each website s own privacy terms Related Content Online Card Services Activate your card FAQs Can I service my account online Do I need to be an
    http://www.mbna.ie/about-us/news-room/141-online-laser-card-payments-for-mbna-customers/ (2012-07-10)

  • May 2010| News Room | Ireland | MBNA - Official Site | News room | Ireland | MBNA - Official Site
    from any of Ryanair s 155 airports by using their Ryanair MBNA credit card to make purchases or for balance transfers The Ryanair MBNA credit card offers switchers a market leading 0 interest rate for the first 10 months on balance transfers with a rate of 14 9 APR variable thereafter on balances and card purchases Switching is easy and consumers can sign up for Ryanair s credit card and take advantage of its improved flight programme on www ryanair com Ryanair s Stephen McNamara said Ryanair continues to grow routes and passengers and with over 150 airports in the Ryanair network Ryanair Credit Card customers can take advantage of our new bonus flights programme on more routes more flights and more often than ever before Switching is easy and new and existing customers can now see more for less with Ryanair and MBNA Suzanne Holmes Head of Communications MBNA said The right rewards product is important in the current environment when more than ever customers are looking for more choice and benefits Now with the enhanced bonus flight programme coupled with a market leading rate of 0 on balance transfers for 10 months this offer meets that need Share
    http://www.mbna.ie/about-us/news-room/140-ryanair-re-launches-mbna-credit-card-to-offer-more-bonus-flights-more-often/ (2012-07-10)