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    postal code was implanted in the world As more and more people began to populate there was more of a direct need for specific postal codes Now that we know over 35 of Ireland doesn t have a number or name associated with their address this system was needed more now than ever How much did it cost for this system to be implemented You may lose your cool at this number but it cost a total of 27 million This is split up over two breaks being that 16 million are going to the first two years of implantation and then another 1 2 million per year for remaining years of the contract Incredible how much it costs to assign someone a number eh What will Galway codes start with Will it be G Surprisingly no eircodes do not function this way Galway City codes will start with an H and Cork will be T The beginning part of a code will not be determined by the first letter of a town or city name Dublin has a D as the beginning of their code for a specific reason they have postal districts very familiar with their codes Do I have to change my address No one does not have to change their address in order to obtain an eircode Eircodes are automatically implemented to each address and you already have one pre assigned The only difference with your address now is that you add the eircode after you ve put your normal address down Can I use just an eircode as my address then When it comes to mailing and receiving you have to post your entire address If you do not and you only post your eircode you may receive your piece of mail back as a failed delivery Do I have to use it at all While they are automatically assigned to your address you do not have to put it every single time as this system is optional There will still be a code to help differentiate your location from the rest but you don t have to put it every time you write your address This system is simply for convenience Will my neighbor have an identical code While they will have a similar beginning code as this part identifies the general area the second half of the code is randomized and will not be even close to yours This will help when it comes to delivering and using the codes as there will be no mix ups In conclusion We hope this has cleared up many of your burning questions about the new system of codes as it can be quite confusing and random While some say it s finally time they ve seen something like this some aren t extremely happy with the set up While it s still in it s early stages we re sure that all bugs with codes will be fixed Learn more about eircode ie Author peter bullethq com Posted on January 12 2016 January 12 2016 321 Comments on EirCode Ireland EIRcodes are the new fad What can they do for you EIRcodes EIRcodes are the new fad What can they do for you The republic of Ireland has long gone without a true postal system In fact has been the only developed country without a dedicated postal system for years now We are entering the 21st century a bit late but we can enter it proudly with EIRcodes If you live in Ireland you may have found Irish postcodes to be a particularly hard system to understand The major flaw in how the postal code system works is how many codes are regulated to clusters of buildings residents and companies instead of just a single one This causes confusion and pain when trying to locate a business or person No more will you have to walk door to door knocking and seeing who is home No more spending countless minutes scouring a business park for the right door to make a delivery With the new EIRcode postcode finder system you can find exactly where you are going in an exact amount of time How does it work I the later half of 2015 over 2 million homes and business received their new postcode in the mail This code has and will be sent automatically if your residence falls within the appropriate district This seven character alphanumeric code will be your newly designated address for now on Do not worry too much it simply tacks on to the end of your original address so you can remember it easily and know that mail will continue to arrive This code is split up into two parts The first part happens to be the routing key The routing key is made up of three characters and is the identifier for the postal area covering that address This is nothing new The second part is the four digit unique identifier Now this is where we get interesting This unique identifier is what displays your exact address within the cluster that is the postal area So can I just use this as my address It appears that this is not the case For postal service to remain active at a residence the entirety of the address must be displayed As stated above this is not a replacement address It fully supports your original address and adds exact pinpoint directions to uniquely identify who and where you are Continue using your old address Just add the EIRcode to the end of it The best way to find more information on your http www eircode ie is by going to http postcodefinder ie and signing up using it to find someone else or simply reading through the pages of info This new system marks a new age for Ireland No more will we wait for package deliveries or run in circles trying to deliver those packages Using this tool we begin a

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