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Notice of Reinforcing COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures for

Students and Faculty Members outside Mainland China


March 16, 2020 (Translated for reference)



All academic schools and administrative departments,



As the pandemic has spread to many countries and confirmed cases are increasing all over the world, control of imported cases is now crucial. In accordance with the instructions and requirements from the Chinese government, the Guangdong Provincial Prevention and Control Command and the Department of Education of Guangdong Province regarding the control of imported cases, the university’s COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group has convened a meeting on March 15 and announced the notice of reinforcing prevention and control measures for students and faculty members outside mainland China as the following:



In accordance with the guidelines and requirements from the Department of Education of Guangdong Province, all students and faculty members outside mainland China, including the faculty members on academic visits or PhD programs, those participating in international cooperation programs, foreign teachers, international students, Hong Kong/ Macau/ Taiwan area students, and those outside mainland China at present due to personal reasons shall take positive directions from their academic schools and administrative departments, avoid trans-border flow as the WHO suggests, stay in current residence and take self-protection to ensure safety. Meanwhile close contact with the Chinese embassy/ consulate in the country at their current stay is requested.



As the above guidelines request, if student/ faculty member outside mainland China applies for returning to China, their academic school and administrative departments shall persuade themselves to stay at current residence, avoid trans-border flow and take self-protection. Meanwhile close contact with the university as well as the Chinese embassy/ consulate in the country at their current stay is requested.



The student/ faculty member themselves shall bear all responsibilities and possible consequences for their breach of the university’s instructions. Meanwhile, the student/ faculty member shall strictly implement the prevention and control requirements and measures announced by the government and related departments, including the control and quarantine for travelers arriving in Guangzhou required by the Prevention and Control Command at the port of entry, as well as the report before return and quarantine at home or in designated area required by the grass-root government departments where the residence in mainland China is located (such as the neighborhood committees, the police stations, etc.).



In order to effectively control the imported cases of the pandemic and to make every effort to eliminate potential risks and hidden dangers, all academic schools and administrative departments shall promptly follow up the status quo of the students and faculty members outside mainland China and convey the above instructions. All joint efforts are requested to ensure the safety and health of all students and faculty members of the university.





Human Resources Office

International Office



                                                                                                               March 16, 2020